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Reason for requesting dismissal:

• This form must be submitted within 14 days of the date your ticket was issued. Starting on day 15, you will not be allowed to proceed and your fine doubles.
*Please look at the photos of your offense found online at this site, before proceeding.
*To submit your own photos, email to: All photos must be submitted within 14 days of the date your ticket was issued to be considered. Photos submitted after 14 days, and/or any photos submitted without a completed parking challenge form will not be allowed or considered.
• The prosecutor will review your challenge and respond by email within 21 days. You are responsible for checking your email and spam folder for the response.
• If your challenge is denied, you must pay your fine within 7 days of the response from the prosecutor or you must submit a written demand to schedule a trial with the court. If neither option is completed after 7 days, your fine will double. Do NOT pay tickets through the online payment portal, instead, pay your ticket: (1) over the phone at 970 871-8277, or (2) by mail: P.O. Box 775088, or (3) in person at 137 10th Street.